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"Sweden remains one of the most prolific grounds for electro-pop artists and Yestergrey definitely belongs to this category."

-  Side-Line Magazine

"Was am Ende bleibt, ist ein Album, das eine Mischung aus wunderbaren Retro-Sounds und einem absolut überzeugendem Gesang bietet."

-  Torsten Pape, Bodystyler

Yestergrey is a solo act from Stockholm, Sweden, making mechanistic and melancholic synthpop, as if it had been extracted from an abandoned 90’s hardware sampler. Definitely neither contemporary nor futuristic, and barely retro.

Yestergrey first emerged in 2019 with the song “Sure As One Can Be” on a compilation album from Paranoia Musique and released a  debut full-length album “1991” on ScentAir Records.


Finding it difficult to discover new music with the particular vinyl-friendly sound of early Mobile Homes, Camouflage and Hansa Studios era Depeche Mode, he set out to make it himself: melancholic synth music based on samplers and romplers with a distinct and melodic pop-sensibility. The key idea is to make album tracks and B-sides instead of hit singles.

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